"Akers has a skill for presenting well-told stories, unresolved mysteries, and noteworthy characters, and the results make for compelling reading"​​

-​Southwestern Historical Quarterly

With a life-long passion for history and writing, Monte Akers has authored both fiction and non-fiction for more than three decades.  He is the author of Flames after Midnight: Murder, Vengeance, and the Desolation of a Texas Community  (University of Texas Press), The Accidental Historian:Tales of Trash and Treasure (Texas Tech Press), Year of Glory: The Life and Battles of Jeb Stuart and His Cavalry, June 1862-June 1863 (Casemate Publishing), Year of Desperate Struggle: Jeb Stuart and His Cavalry from Gettysburg to Yellow Tavern (Casemate Publishing), and Tales for the Telling: Six Short Stories of the American Civil War  (Cold Comfort Publications).  He and his brother, Larry Akers, also authored a "coming of age" book based on their boyhoods called Heartstrings and Haywire (Lulu Publications).  His next book, co-authored with his son, Nathan Akers and Dr. Roger Friedman, details the events surrounding the 1966 UT Tower shootings and the effect of those killings.  It will be entitled Tower Sniper: The Terror of America's First Active Shooter on Campus  and will be published by John W. Hardy Publishing in 2016, prior to the 50th anniversary of the event on August 1, 2016. 

An attorney as well as a historian, author, song lyricist, and collector of historical artifacts,  Monte is also a former adjunct professor at Texas State University.  He has been associated with numerous historical commissions and associations and currently serves on the board of directors of the Austin History Center Association.  Monte has made a number of appearances on television documentaries and radio programs and is a frequent speaker at regional and national conventions.  He has also authored dozens of articles that have appeared in a wide range of magazines, periodicals, and newspapers. He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington and the University of Houston Law Center.  He currently practices law in Austin, Texas and is married to Patty Akers, who is also his law partner.  They are the parents of Nathan and Megan Akers.  Nathan and his wife, Alexis, are the parents of Madison Marie Akers and Harper Channing Akers.

Tower Sniper is about as timely and neccessary as a book can be these days.  It tells us -- in careful, thorough detail and with great respect -- of the lessons we need to learn from that awful day 50 years ago"  

-​James Procter, Editor Gary Post-Tribune ​(ret)

Flames After Midnight 

Now available as an AUDIO BOOK! ​

"It is one of those rare books not only worth reading but rereading" ​​

-North South Trader's Civil War

"Tower Sniper" is a marvelously woven multi-track blend, a micro/macro examination of that infamous school slaughter which has become part of our collective trauma reverb... it stands as the Rosetta stone to a terrifying event which has been endlessly 'interpreted' into a fog of pop culture..."

​-Andrew Vachss, author of more than 40 books


"Akers holds up a mirror so that we see ourselves"

-​USA Today

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